2005 - 2007 Texas Division Best Website Award
2003 -- Confederate of the year -  Commander Jim Campbell

Nathan Bedford Forrest Hard Charger - Lt. Com Ken McClure
2004 -- Confederate of the year - Lt. Com. Ken McClure

Gen. Nathan Bedford award--Robert McCauley

Gen. John Bell Hood awards - David Tosh for his service in the military and Adj. Philip Watkins for his dedication.

Certificate of Commendation - Recieved by Ken McClure from East Texas Brigade Commander for work on the Alto Camp newsletter.

Certification of Commendation from Brigade Commander to the entire Camp for their work on researching Confederate Veterans buried in Cherokee County and ordering and placing military markers for them so their memories will live on and their services and sacrifices will not be forgotten.
2008 -  Robert E. Lee Confederate Of The Year - Chaplain Roy Gay
          Stonewall Jackson Award - Colonel Shelley Cleaver
          Jefferson Davis Award - Lt. Commander Jim Perry
          Nathan Bedford Forrest Award - Shawn Dean
          John Bell Hood Award - Ronnie Blackstock
          Texas Division Gold Cross - Roy Gay
          Texas Division Gold Cross - Shelley Cleaver
          Texas Division Gold Cross - Ronnie Blackstock
2007 -  Texas Division Convention Awards
                Outstanding Camp Award
                Best Website Award  (Special thanks to Jerry McClure)                        Commander Kenneth McClure - Gold Cross
                First Lt. Commander Jim Perry - Gold Cross
                2nd Lt. Commander Ronnie Blackstock - Silver Cross
                Adjutant Philip Watkins - Bronze Cross

2007 -  E-mail from Stewart Owings, Texas Division Newsletter Editor

          Commander McClure & Compatriots,
               I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for including me            on your newsletter mailing list.  I can not tell you how inspired I             get everytime I see your newletter in my mail!
               The Cross of St. Andrew Camp sets a fine example of                      preserving & honoring our Charge to the Sons & the SCV.  Your            newsletter set a standard for the Division, and as far as I'm                    concerned; National as well.
                I had the distinct pleasure of sitting on the awards                          committee last year, and trust me; your Camp blows away the              compitition.  I feel that the handwritten style really puts a                      "personal" touch on the whole package.  Keep up the good                   work, it's an honor to have you all as a part of the Texas                        Division!

          Forever dedicated to the Cause,
          Stewart Owings
          Texas Division Newletter Editor

2007 -  E-mail from Chuck Norred, Army Trans Mississippi Commander

                I want to thank you for all that you do.  I enjoy your                          newsletters and now I have checked out your website.  It is                   second to none.  I post your newsletters at the school I teach                at and our kids enjoy reading them very much.  Keep up the                  good work.  I would like to get out there to visit you in the near               future.

           God Bless,
           Chuck Norred
           Commander, Army of Trans Mississippi

2006 -- Jefferson Davis Award - Commander Kenneth McClure.
   Stonewall Jackson Award - Adjutant Phillip Watkins
   Forward The Colors Award - Color Sgt. Ronnie Blackstock
   James Longstreet Award - Chaplain Roy Gay
   Robert E. Lee Award - Historian Shelley Cleaver
   Jeb Stuart Award - Sgt. At Arms Shawn Dean
   Nathan Bedford Forrest Award - Color Sgt. Ronnie Blackstock
   John Bell Hood Award - Jimmy Odom
   Southern Patroit Award - Don Folkes
   Bloody Bill Anderson Award - Sentinel Jethro Robinson
   Southern Belle Award - Sheila Blackstock
2005 -- Best  Texas Division Web Site award - presented to our camp at the Texas Division convention from Texas Division Commander Ron Strybos. A very special thanks to my cousin Jerry McClure for all of his long hours of work on our outstanding camp website.

Our camp won Best entry in the Cherokee County Christmas parade. A special thanks to the Watkins and Blackstocks.             
Texas Division Gold Star award -- presented to Ken McClure by Texas Division Commander.

Texas Division Silver Star award -- presented to Jim Campbell by Texas Division Commander.  

Texas Division Bronze Star Award - former member, who is no longer in our camp.

                                                                                                  2005 Camp Awards presented at our 2005 Christmas party.

John Bell Hood Award - Camp Chaplain Roy Gay. 

Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest Award - Phillip Watkins.

Gen. Robert E. Lee Award - Captain  David Tosh. For his military service to his country during war time in Iraq.

Gen. Stonewall Jackson Award - 2nd Lt. Com. Jim Perry.

Forward The Colors Award - Color Sgt. Ronnie Blackstock.
                                                                                              Confederate Of The Year - Lt. Commander Ken McClure.             
We had a dinner banquet in his honor and he was presented the Southern Cross of Honor and the Gen. John Bell Hood Award for his service.
At our August 2004 meeting it was a special occiasion as we welcomed home, fellow camp member, Lt. David Tosh from a 15 month tour of duty in Iraq. 
Welcome Home Lt. Tosh
Member Lt. Tosh receives medal
Camp Member Lt. David Tosh recently received SCV War Service Medal for his tour of duty in Iraq.  Pictured above are Lt. Tosh with his wife Ann pinning the Service Medal on him.
Camp Awards
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