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County Judge Chris Davis of Alto found this old 1859 Sharps in a wall of an old house in Alto area.
Mr. Roy Gay aquired this 1860 Spencer Carbine at a garage sale in Palestine in 1962.
Nathan Williams aquired this 1865 Rogers & Spencer Revolver at a gun show in Houston.
Mr. Roy Gay's 1859 Sharps Carbine and several of his original Civil War Era Swords.
Mr. Roy Gay with his 1863 Colt Pocket Pistol and Double Barreled Shotgun circa 1850.
Collection of original Civil War Era weaponary from Cherokee County.
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Jim Perry with the percussion rifle used in the War by John J. Gill, buried in New Summerfield.
Mr. Roy Gay with his .50 cal. Maynard Carbine that he aquired at the Dallas Gun Show.
Mr. Roy Gay displaying his original 1861 cap & ball .44 Remington.  That he found at the Waco Gun Auction.